Foulden Hagg

This is night No.36/2019 living in my caravan. Now pitched up at a CL near Berwick Upon Tweed at Foulden.

It's probably around 2 miles over the Border into Scotland on the road to Duns. A great Border area. It's a Farm CL, and the farmer has cut the perimeter of one of his large fields which he's happy to be used for walking the dogs.

It gave them a great runaround.

The site is quite sloped, and I don't have levelling blocks. I checked online at nearby 'GoOutdoors' and they had a cheap set, so I loaded up the dogs and headed off.

Immediately, a warning flashed up on the car..."Check Battery". I lifted the bonnet, and disaster! The grooved drive belt (i.e. fan belt) had broken and was lying in the engine bay. I considered my options, and decided to drive into Berwick and check with a garage. The first one was too busy as they were short staffed, but the second took the car in right away for an inspection. Fortunately, they had the belt in stock, so I left the car and went for a walk with the dogs.

When I returned, I was told that one of the tensioners was destroyed and they couldn't get the parts until tomorrow, and because they close early, they wouldn't be able to fix it until Monday!

To avoid the hassle of having the car and the van recovered to my house, then the car taken from there to my own garage, I opted just to stay an extra night, put the car in Monday morning, and hope it gets fixed. the activities and entertainment sorted!

Lovely afternoon though.


  1. Hope the car troubles get sorted in time, Iain. It's a small setback and might have the benefit that you make new discoveries on foot in the extra days you now have to spend around Hamish's birth town. It was encouraging to see photos without rain. Those days seem a long time ago now.


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