This is night No.42/2019 living in my caravan. It's also my 3rd night pitched at Crookhouse Farm CL near Morebattle.

Again, woke to more great weather. I had decided to put up the shower last night and this was this mornings arrangement. Didn't even shut the door, it was a panoramic view of the surrounding farmland!

After breakfast, back over to nearby Bowmont Forest. Great dog walking.

There are miles of trails.

And some even pop out onto farmland offering a good circular walk.

Decided I was looking far too wild (!), so drove into Kelso for a haircut at a rather excellent Barber. £10 and she done an absolutely stunning job!

I returned to the car (which you can park for free on the High St!). I moved to the free carpark behind the Abbey took the dogs for a good circular walk around the town.

The very impressive remains of Kelso Abbey.

The Abbey forms part of the interest on the Border Abbeys Way, a long distance route which is becoming more popular these days.

Crossed the famous Kelso Bridge where you get a good view of the Tweed and Floors Castle.

Floors Castle.

The route then crossed park to the 'Millennium Viewpoint'

We continued along this side of the Tweed, then crossed over the modern bridge and continued along the other side of the Tweed on a fine riverside path back to our start.

Later in the afternoon, I set out to visit Roxburgh, somewhere I've never been.

Took the back roads, and crossed the quite stunning Kalemouth Bridge. 5mph limit and no vehicles over 3T! This is a lightweight structure.

Parked up as I entered Roxburgh, a very small village, and followed a path up onto the disused Roxburgh Viaduct.

The view to Roxburgh from the viaduct.

Headed down to the riverside path along the River Teviot. A view of the remarkable viaduct. Still in very good order.

The cast iron detail on the footbridge attached to the viaduct.

Continued along the path to enter the village. The remains of Wallace's Tower stands in a field. It was a 16th century stone tower house.

Looking back at the viaduct. Glenfinnan, eat your heart out!!!

Good days walking with some new experiences, both Kelso and Roxburgh. Weather was good this morning and this evening. The afternoon had a few light showers, but overall conditions have been fine.


  1. Well, I suppose whatever floats your boat, Iain. If you want to expose your peely-wally wee body to the good people of Kelso while you take your ablutions, go right ahead ...


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