My last few night away

I've been outwit range of a 4g or wifi signal for the past few days, hence I haven't been able to post. During this time, I've been at a CL near Ancrum, Ashieburn House and a CL near Auctermuchty, The Clink.

Finally, been able to post a few pictures.

The rather excellent wildflower meadow at Ashieburn.

Ashieburn, which has a connection with the brother of Beatrix Potter. A lovely well maintained garden.

This CL has a nice forest walk, ending in this fine wee seat.

The forest walk takes you down to Ale Water.

A beautiful meadow in front of the CL.

Had a walk with the dogs down to the rather fine pub in Ancrum, around 2 miles away from the CL. was a laundry day so headed of to the coin laundry in Galashiels which was excellent.

The weather was fantastic.

The Ancrum Bridge.

The Old Churchyard.

The cracking old bridge near the Old church.

Half way home, stopped of at The Clink, near Auchtermuchty.

Rustic toilet facilities.

And 'Bluebell' the information room...

And the rather Artisan toilet/shower block...

Great site with good dog walking.

Beautiful views.


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