This is night No 52/2019 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Brora C&MC Site near Dachalm, just outside the town of Brora.

Thankfully, woke to a far better day today than last night. It was rain of biblical proportions last night, and what a racket in the van!

Took the dogs for a 6am blast around the deserted Dunnet Bay.

After breakfast, decided to take the short drive to Dunnet Head, the most northerly point on the mainland.

The carpark was half full of foreign freeloaders. These motorhomes are becoming a total pain wherever you visit. The Germans seem to be particularly bad at this. The silver VW had what looked like a family of 4, and the van didn't look from the outside that it had a toilet. I have no doubt these folk are shitting and dumping their waste all over the place, as they is no where even remotely close to here to facilitate waste disposal. When I got to Brora, I even clocked one old git emptying his toilet tank in the public toilets. A definite no-no. Moan over!

A zoomed shot of Thurso and behind, a very distant Ben Klibreck, the second most northerly Munro.

At least this freeloader was attempting a degree of stealth!

The Hamnavoe on it's way from Stromness to Scrabster.

A distant Old Man of Hoy.

Returned to the site, packed up, and left around 0930. It's only around 1.5hrs to Brora, but I wanted to stop at Sibster again and walk the dogs. Plenty room to park up my outfit.

Sibster is really impressive, recently planted and laid out, and a nice waterfall feature.

Continued uneventfully to Brora arriving just after noon. Fine weather, quite warm with only a few showers forecast.

Took the dogs across the adjacent golf course.

And onto the excellent golden sands.

Bonnie having a blast in the waves.

Later in the afternoon, we headed into Brora for a walk along the banks of the River Brora. A fine stretch of water especially in this weather.

We didn't head that far though, sheep alongside the river meant dogs on leads.

Good chance for a cooling dip in the river for the dogs.

It's been a very warm afternoon. A few light showers, but certainly a bit fresher than yesterday.


  1. I share your pain on the free-loading camper van movement, Iain. It is indeed irritating. When we were at Moray I am sure I saw an example of these "payment shirkers" sneak on to the site we had paid for to use the showers. For some of these vans, I love the irony that they pay up to £50k for a van and then try to avoid paying £20 or so for power and clean ablution facilities. Germans and Cloggies are usually so compliant. I wonder if, as I think you suggested, their national websites promote wild camping so they think it's the norm? Keep enjoying (and paying for) your Heilan' trip, Laddie.


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