Dunnet Bay

This is night No.50/2019 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Dunnet Bay C&MC Site, near Thurso on Caithness.

It's so close to Dunnet Head that it's got to be one of the most northerly caravan sites in the UK mainland, although looking at the map, I reckon the one at Huna just outside John O Groats is probably further north by a few hundred metres.

Had a good stay at Davochfin, and took the dogs for 2 walks around the woods next to the farm, 1 before breakfast, and 1 after! I like to try and get the dogs a good walk if its a travelling day.

Left Davochfin around 1000 for the 2hr drive to Thurso and Dunnet Bay. Stopped for a walk at the wind farm at Achanarras. The wind was blowing strong and the turbines were tearing round. They make quite a racket when they're at full pelt.

A distant Ben Klibreck (I think) behind these turbine.

There are a lot of turbines between Thurso and Latheron. When I used to travel up here, there was a small farm, but there are literally dozens across the landscape.

Bonnie took off after a hare. She ran miles! Never caught it, but she wasn't giving up.

I called the dogs, and as I clapped Hamish, I looked at my hand and it was like thick tar entirely covering him. He'd obviously found a peat bog. I used one of the towels on him, and ended up throwing it in the bin. He shook himself, and I also got spattered. The towel ended up in the bin.

Put the dogs in the car and by pure luck, there is what looks like a new forestry walk at Sibster on the way north. I pulled in, checked the map and, great, there is a burn running through the site. I chucked Hamish in about 10 times, each time he paddled back and was definitely started to look cleaner. He must have thought I was crazed!

Arrived at the site around 1230. It hasn't changed at all since I was last here. It's a good site right on a massive sandy bay. Not many pictures as it's been raining since we arrived!

Managed to get a vacant pitch right on the shore. A short walk through a gate, then they're off.

Looking north across Dunnet Bay.

The view south. Interestingly, went a good walk in the rain along the beach and never spotted a single piece of plastic, litter, or anything that shouldn't have been there. A truly pristine beach.

The site sits behind a slight dune, which offers a little bit of shelter from the wind.

Later in the afternoon, we took the 8 mile drive south to Thurso for some supplies, and was delighted to see a crucial element of my shopping.

On the return, it was still raining, but we stopped at Dunnet Forest across from the site for a good dog walk.

This isn't a squint picture, a lot of the trees are at this angle due to the persistent winds coming from the west on this area.


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