Replacing the Door Shelves


With the weather being really nice today, and with the prospect of touring again in the next wee while, I took the caravan out of the garage where it was being stored and returned it to my drive.

I really didn't have any projects for the van over the winter, unlike last year when I completely re-upholstered and redone the internal decor like curtains, carpet, door facia's and the likes.

Like my 3 previous Eriba Caravans, I've had trouble with the original plastic door shelves and decided to order an improved aluminium set from Darren at Eribastuff. I've ordered other odds and ends from Darren over the years and everything has always been top quality. He's an enthusiastic Eriba Puck owner himself, a Scot based in France.

The original door configuration above, plastic shelves (or rather shelf fronts?) which turn the Eriba door into effectively a very useful storage area, just like a fridge door!

I purchased the van 'set' which comprises one with an 'Eriba' logo etching, and three plain shelves.

The existing plastic shelves were very brittle and there was a lot of cracking sounds when I eased and levered them out with the aid of a wide, flat screwdriver.

I then cleaned the plastic behind the shelves with Bar Keepers Friend. Did a pretty good job as the areas behind the shelves were pretty dirty.

The shelf set are supplied with plastic pop rivets, which would require the use of a rivet gun which I don't own. As an alternative, I used simple plastic trim clips which are normally used to hold decorative panels on car bodywork such as the door cards or boot liners. I bought a few packs.

The provide a good, secure fixing and simply push into the existing holes in the door.

Very happy with the finished fittings.

I think the aluminium gives a really nice finish to the door, and must be a huge improvement over the original plastic parts.

And the aluminium matches the van!


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