Forests around Loch Shin

This is night No. 55/2019 living in my caravan. It's my second night at Achnairn Caravan Site, in Shinness near Lairg.

Woke around 0630 to a drizzly morning. The walk pre-breakfast with the dogs and I have had my first encounter this years with midges. Not too bad, but definitely the itch and burn associated with them on a still morning like this.

The first big walk was at Rosehall, around 10 miles from here. I've walked here before, it's definitely one of my favourite forests.

A strong whiff of honeysuckle in the morning air, it grows well here.

The incredibly impressive log cabin in the small carpark. Has furniture, books, posters etc. It is completely untouched by damage of any type and it's been here since 2003.

Headed around the 'Pine Marten' trail. This forest was at one time a walled deer park for Rosehall estate. Rosehall estate was where Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster used to visit for dirty weekends.

A great forest.

As usual in these parts, never met a soul.

I wanted to go and see Rosehall House, but there are signs attempting to prevent visitors. I thought this may have been the house, but when I checked the map this is Inveroykel Lodge, a really posh holiday house.

Next stop on the return to Achnairn was the quite nice 'Ravens Rock Gorge' wood. Never been here before.

Nice short stroll within a gorge.

The chainsaw sculptors have been at it again.

Nice place to visit.

I returned to the van and before lunch, continued reading Tom Devines 'The Scottish Clearances'. The area I am in is at the heart of the Highland element of his research. Reading the book led me to look at some historic mapping of this area. Interesting to see the development and change of name of this settlement I'm on.

The modern OS Map showing 'Achnairn'.

The 1920's OS map showing the settlement as 'Achnanerain'.

The 'Roy' Military Survey of 1747-52, shows it as 'Achinraad'.

In the afternoon, headed into Lairg to walk around Ferry Woods.

A fine 1 hour circular walk.

The remains of a Broch near the Loch.

Looking from the Broch to Loch Shin.

The impressive dam at Lairg. I read this is holding back the water from 23miles of Loch Shin.

On the return, stopped and walked down to the shore of the loch to the bird hide at Dalchork. Didn't take any pictures, as I forgot!

On the return journey, I stopped to take a look at the multiple signs attempting to persuade drivers to visit this area. By the way, I don't know where the pottery, or the shop is, I haven't seen them!


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