Golspie and Brora

This is night No 53/2019 living in my caravan. It's also the 2nd night pitched at Brora C&MC Site at Dachalm near Brora.

It was torrential overnight, but by the time I got up around 0700 it had slowed to the occasional light shower, which was how it remained for most of today.

Last nights evening walk down to the beach was interesting. Brora is a hot spot for Arctic Tern and a huge flock were down at the beach. They were constantly dive bombing the dogs. Brave little birds!

None made contact, probably only as close as 3 or 4 feet away, but huge dives and swoops.

After a morning walk around the beach, we took the 10min drive to Golspie and along the road to Littleferry to walk around the excellent Balblair Woods.

We returned to the van after about 90mins and after lunch headed along to the Ford and pedestrian bridge just north of Doll, a post clearance village just outside Brora. We followed an excellent riverside forest walk towards Loch Brora. A real highland feel about this walk.

Looking east towards the bridge.

An excellent and very old feeling wood. Not FC, but estate owned.

We ended the walk at a tiny little beach on the shores of Loch Brora.

Back at the bridge, the Ford looked very dangerous! Looked around 2 foot deep in the centre and I'm not sure what the surface beneath the water would be like. I saw one car approach, have a look, then reverse away on the opposite bank.

Later in the afternoon, we headed down to Lower Brora for a walk south on the coastal path. A lot of seabirds, and quite a few seals.

A few bobbing around keeping a watch on us!


  1. I read your blog to Mum (i.e. Gran or Great Gran to others) over Sunday breakfast. She said it was great, as good as any magazine and you should do this for money! I suspect she's a wee bit biased, or maybe dowhally.


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