This is night Mo.56/2019 living in my caravan. This is our 3rd night at Woodend Caravan Site in Achnairn, near Lairg. I should have moved on today, but I've extended my stay here, as we're having a good time!

Got up to, finally, dry weather this morning. This was forecast, as were the rising temperatures. In fact it was 18C at 0800, and 26C in the afternoon.

After breakfast, we headed back to Rosehall. I wanted to see the 'Chanel' house, and the dogs wanted to run around in the nearby forest. It was a win-win.

Headed up the hill in Rosehall Wood, then followed a track down into Glen Cassley. This Glen is significant as it is on the least popular OS map in Britain! Obviously doesn't have a lot of visitors needing navigation aids.

Crossed the roads to the spectacular Cassley Falls, or Achness Waterfall as the OS map states.

They are probably the finest falls I've ever seen.

Just a stunning highland scene.

A lot of water thanks to the recent rains.

The dogs taking a drink in one of the quieter parts.

This is a cairn to celebrate the millennium, and also a marker for us, as the gate behind is our return route after visiting Rosehall House.

Headed into the estate along the River Oykel.

The fine Rosehall House.

Returned to the van for lunch. Took some snaps. This one is looking south towards Lairg (it's hidden!)

Mrs Ross who runs the site. Lovely old woman. Mind, its about 26C at this point and she has cardigan and a head scarf on!

A distant Ben Klibreck.

Mr's Ross's cottage.

North looking up towards the hills above the remote Glens.

In the afternoon we took a roasting walk around Balblair forest near Bonar Bridge. Fortunately, there was some water!


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