This is night No.57/2019 living in my caravan. This is the 4th night we've been pitched at Woodend Caravan Site in Achnairn near Lairg.

Woke at around 0630 and took the dogs out in fairly muggy weather. As forecast, a series of tremendous thunderstorms passed over. The rain was torrential. 

Despite the noise, the dogs didn't seem to bothered. In fact they were quite relaxed. The rain continued a bit lighter so I grabbed the brolly, drove into Lairg, and took the dogs round the Ferry Woods.

After returning to the van, I got a coffee and a read at my book before heading north to visit one of the clearance villages I've read about.

A drive of around 30 miles, all on single track roads. Stopped for a picture of Ben Klibreck, the 2nd most northerly munro.

After Altnaharra, took the B873 along Loch Never and into Strathnaver. At Syre, we turned off onto a mile or so of dirt track to the remains of the village os Rosal. It's in a clearing in a forest and is a scheduled monument in recognition of the Sutherland Clearances.

Good story boards. Surprisingly large settlement with around 70 buildings.

Remains of some of the buildings, there are a mix of houses, longhouses, and communal buildings.

They had a good view though (!), this is a distant Ben Loyal near Tongue.

I'm not sure, this could be Ben Hope.

The signs of the run-rig system of agriculture.

On the return leg, took a picture along Loch Naver with Ben Klibreck.

2 peaks to the north, possibly Meall a' Batha and Creag Mhor.

Stopped further along the road for a picture over the bogs. This one might be Ben Hee.

And this one may be a distant Beinn LeĆ²id.

Final look back at another angle on Ben Klibreck.


  1. Impressive that a forest has official status as a clearances' memorial. Very touching and impressive material. I do hope they get the interest and visitor numbers that thoughtfulness deserves.


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