The Bungalow

This is night No.47/2019 living in my caravan. We're now pitched at 'The Bungalow', a CL near Urquhart in Moray.

I was here back in May for a couple of nights and really liked the site, the location, and the surrounding opportunities for walking the dogs.

Set off around 1030 for the 2hr drive, which was fine and uneventful. It was the first time I've used my new towing jacket and it was excellent. It literally 'stuck' to the front of the van, no flapping, and the van was spotless on arrival here at The Bungalow.

Its a basic site, but it does have electric hook up which is great to allow me to charge my various gadgets and provide me with hot water and heating if I need it.

A family member was up in this area too, in nearby Hopeman. I thought I'd pay a surprise visit and ended up helping out with putting up the awning. These are tricky pieces of kit, but the Soplair awnings made for Eriba vans are outstanding quality and the pitching is well worth mastering. I had one of these with my Puck and could never put it up!

We done a pretty good job, and after it was pegged out it looked great.

Hopeman West Beach has had a lot of investment recently. The 'Bothy' and the double decker dining facility.

Nice open feel to the site.

We took a walk down to the rather fine harbour.

The branding of the campsite is very 'surfy'.

The harbour gallery.

Returned to The Bungalow and decided to have a go at pitching my own awning. It was very successful and not too sweaty!

Not fully pegged, but a fine addition when needed.

Dismantled the awning, and took the dogs for a good runaround the adjacent forest, Sleepieshill Wood.

Not quite sure what the plans are for this trip. Might head further north tomorrow for my 'big day'(!!).


  1. Was good (and, of course, useful) to see you at Hopeman, Iain. The awning was a real help and the dogs literally never went into the caravan at all. They ate, rested and slept in the cool and shade of the awning. Overall, it was a terrific, if not too short, break. The Moray coast has such a "summery holiday feeling" that it felt like a foreign land with, of course, no midges. Brilliant.


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