Eriba Troll 'flip out' table modification

When I wrote my review about my experiences with my Eriba Troll, I described my mistrust of the small, fold out table extension. This is how I have fixed mine.

The existing hinge and strap security on the table is useless. Even slightly brushing against the table lifts it slightly, the hinge disconnects, and the table folds down. Anything on the table simply falls to the floor. This has happened to me many times.

Someone on Facebook recommended a modification using a slip bolt, and I have used that idea to fix my table.

I fitted a short slip bolt, the idea being that the extended bolt prevents the hinge from falling from the slot used to support the table.

I replaced the fabric webbing as I found that the existing webbing was too short to accommodate the hinge and the bolt, preventing the table being folded away.

To close, slip the bolt shut, lift the table, and the hinge is caught in the webbing.

It 'parks' as good as the original arrangement.

Have tried it a few times now, and I'm happy that it's secure now. That should make a big difference to surface areas available!


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