Pitrennie Mill

This is night No.59/2019 living in my caravan. The dogs and I are pitched at Pitrennie Mill, a farm CL near Fordoun.

Embarrassingly close to home (!), but a really nice little site which I've passed hundreds of times on the Auchenblae to Fettercairn road.

The gardener was coming round to do weedkilling, and as I had to get the dogs away for a few hours after treatment, I decided to pack a nights kit, a sleeping bag, hitch up the van, and go away for the night. Probably took me 15mins to get here! Great!!

Also gave me the chance to pitch my new awning, a surprisingly cheap awning designed for a camper van, but ideal for my van. I'd read online about others recommending it for Eriba caravans.

A very versatile piece of kit which took me about 10mins to erect. Plenty room to stand up too, and it has curtains. This will also be my shower room!!

Great little site around a 2 min drive from Finella Forest and about 10 mins from Drumtochty. Very happy here, and like I've said before, you don't have to travel far for an adventure!!


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