Around Melrose

A 'milestone' night. This is night No.100/2019 living in my caravan!

It's the second night that the dogs and I are at Melrose C&MC Site. It was a very wet night, but is was just light showers when I rose at around 0700. Took the dogs down to the River Tweed first thing, then after breakfast, went on a long loop out to Newstead and returned to Melrose via the Tweed.

The ruins of Melrose Abbey looking fine. Last time I was here, the structure was undergoing some work and was clad in scaffolding. The walk begins next to the Abbey on 'Priorswalk'.

The High St in Melrose, looking up the hill.

And back down the street. The caravan site is about 50mtrs down this road.

Great walking, and it was more or less dry. The Eildon Hills above Melrose.

It's a great walk back from Newstead along the banks of the River Tweed.

After lunch, we cut into nearby Tesco for some dog food and supplies. I had a few Clubcard Vouchers which were about to expire, so spent £22.50's worth! The rain had started before lunch, but was getting lighter, so we headed south to Yair Hill forest. A great forest, but it was an absolute mudfest! Returned to the van around 1400.

After dinner, as is becoming the norm at this time of year, took the dogs up to the old station, and along a path next to the old railway. Light rain, which is set to last into tomorrow.


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