This is night No.103/2019. We're pitched at the Loch Ness Shores C&CC Site at Foyers on the south side of Loch Ness.

My Troll has been laid up for the winter, and I was kindly offered the use of a Puck during the winter. This saves me having to lug all the soft furnishings, mattress, and seating back into the Troll, not forgetting that it also has a cover fitted.

The Puck is identical to the one I previously owned, my first Eriba and my first caravan. These caravans are small and don't have a washroom, so during the winter it's essential to use a site with the facilities. There aren't a lot of sites open through the winter, and I was torn between 4. Oban, Melrose, Newcastleton, or Foyers. I've been to Foyers many times and it's a great site for walking and for dogs, so opted for here. Around a 4 hr drive from home.

Stopped on the way at Bin Forest just outside Huntly. A good opportunity to give the dogs a decent walk and to break the journey.

First time I've stopped here and its been so quiet.

Great weather, cold but dry.

The mist was still to fully clear.

Stopped at Tesco in Keith for some supplies, and arrived at the site around 1445. The site was very quiet, maybe just another 2 or 3 units when I arrived, and another couple later in the evening.

Took the dogs for a walk just outside the site. A small wood but full of pheasants. The dogs probably covered around 20 miles in the half hour we were out!

Great to be back out again, and quite nostalgic to be back in a Puck.


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