The Waterloo Monument

This is night No.103/2019 living in my caravan. My final night in Melrose. It was very cold last night, well into the 'minuses', the forecast last night predicted sheltered spots in the Borders may be as low as -5C. The van was covered in ice, but I never noticed anything at all through the night!

Got up around 0630 and took the dogs for a walk in a still, frozen, walk to the Tweed. A lovely winters morning.

I had hoped maybe to go back to Abbotsford but I didn't fancy de-icing the car, so took the dogs for a walk I've done many times. It's a long loop following the north then south banks of the Tweed between the Chain Bridge and road bridge west of Gattonside.

Conditions were perfect for some riverside walking.

Met a few dog walkers and a couple of runners, but a very quiet walk.

After lunch, drove about 8 miles south to Harstanes, a forest visitor centre near Ancrum. I've been here before and there is some good walking. I also wanted to walk up to the Waterloo Monument on Peniel Heugh (that's the hills name).

Some really impressive trees in the forest. A pair of massive Beech Trees.

The route took us on the St Cuthberts Way for a stretch, then up into Natives Wood.

First view of the monument in the distance.

Finally reaching the monument. A very impressive structure visible for miles around.

The views across the area were spectacular.

The weather remained fine and cold. Some great views south.

One thing which is notable in this area are the majestic trees. This minor road had some huge Oaks, and all the field seemed to be bordered by broadleaf trees.

The route took us back to Harestanes, passing along the drive of Monteviot House.

Absolutely great walking here in the autumn, the tracks being ankle deep in leaves.

Returned to the van, stopping at the Co-op, for another festive indulgence!!


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