Winter time again...

After a great years touring, I decided to put the caravan into hibernation for the winter. Checking back, it was almost a year to the day (in fact, the 15th of Nov) that I put the winter cover on my last caravan.

Started by giving the van a good clean. It was frosty this morning, so there was a fair amount of dew on the van and some patches of frost on the roof.

First thing was to cover the A frame with the small section of the cover.

A bit different than the last cover I had, there's no velcro between the A frame cover and the main body cover.

Laid out the cover over the gate, ready to be lifted up and over the roof with the supplied extendable poles.


With an extra pair of hands, lifted the cover over the van and fitted the straps underneath.

A very high quality cover, but doesn't fit as 'snug' as the one I had on my familia. Probably due to the fact that there are more additions to the exterior of this van, such as the motor mover and the flip out step, and it also had to be modified at the factory to accommodate the cassette awning. However, it definitely covers the whole van and looks like it should provide excellent protection. The door opening takes a bit of effort, again I think due to the side with the door being modified to make room for the cassette awning.

Not the end of winter touring though. I have been given a very kind offer of a loan of a cracking wee Puck if I get too much of the cabin fever!


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