This is night No.105/2019 living in my caravan. We've moved on from Foyers, and are now at North Ledaig Caravan Park near Benderloch. This is what is known as an 'affiliated site' within the C&MC.

Another very cold night, lovely weather when we went for a walk along the Loch. A bit of a weather inversion going on along the length of the Loch.

The top area of the site was still frozen.

Looking across the site, north along Loch Ness.

I wasn't sure about North Ledaig. I phoned and an answer phone informed me that there were a limited number of pitches available during the winter on a 'honesty' payment system. I couldn't work out if that meant there were toilets and showers, but I just took the risk anyway!

Had a very fine drive south to Fort Augustus, crossing the hills, then south to Fort William and on towards Benderloch.

The place is absolutely deserted! One other outfit here. Great spot. There are toilets and showers, and an information leaflet and map helped me get sorted out, including the key access code to the facilities.

The site is right on the beach. A shingle and sand affair, but very nice and deserted.

Looking south to the airport next door.

Very glad we're here, it was a lot of driving to get here and around Foyers the roads were a touch slippy.


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