First trip of 2020!

First trip of the year! So, I suppose this is night 1/2020 living in a caravan. I've got my brothers Puck on this trip. My Troll is still under a winter cover and it's far less faffing around by simply taking the Puck. Very much 'plug and play' caravanning.

Left the house around 0930 for the 4 hr drive to Newcastleton. Staying at the Lidalia Site, a C&MC affiliated site situated right in this Border Village.

An uneventful drive in fine weather. Stopped a few times to let the dogs out, and a decent run around at the Leaderfoot Viewpoint near Melrose. As I crossed the hills on the Bonchester Bridge road, the fog rolled in and it's been quite foggy here since our arrival. Quite a contrast from the clear and bright weather we left back at home.

The site itself is very quiet. There are a few seasonal pitches on use, a few look like workers in the area, and maybe one or two tourers, but it is a nice small site of 30 pitches.

A foggy look around the site.

There are a few good dog walking areas, direct from the site. A wood climbs from a gate at the west of the site.

Great for letting the dogs off, a good circular walk over a couple of gorges.

On the return, we headed into the village. The village hall.

And a community fire station and police station.

The square in Newcastlton. The two hotels are right next door to each other?

Continued the walk down to the bank of Liddel Water. The Whithaugh Bridge which leads over to the MTB trails.

Got back to the van and fed the dogs. Last time I was here (maybe 4 yrs ago), I bought this little handbook which will come in useful.

Lots of self-grooming going on after the walk. It was a good hour or so in the cold fog.

Got all the kit out and felt quite at home in the Puck. Incredibly, I even have a DAB signal which is normally impossible in the metal body of an Eriba.

Certainly got enough dog food for a few days, the 24 pack was on offer in Asda in Dundee!

The old disused railway line runs right through the site and forms a footpath out of the south end of the site. I reckon I'm pitched in the old bed of the track, with the remains of a platform right behind the van.

Looking forward to a few days of interesting walking in this area. The weather looks fairly settled and dry for the remainder of the week.


  1. Looks a nice wee place, Iain, even if not the most "historically imaginative" example of town planning in the centre. Would be good if that fog burns off to let you get some bright weather with longer range views. Still surprised (but pleased) that you find the wee Puck so cosy with just the one heater. Maybe the dogs create a lot of heat. Enjoy yourself.


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