Return to Melrose

This is night No.4/2020 living in a caravan. We've now moved on from Lidalia in Newcastleton, and have pitched up at Melrose Gibson Park C&MC in the town of Melrose. I've been here many times, the last being for 4 nights last November.

Got up around 0730, took the dogs a good walk, than after a shower, packed the van to move further north. However, the route means heading south to Canonsbie, then heading north on the A7.

Stopped a few miles from the site, to give the dogs another good walk before the drive.

I had walked in this wood a few days ago.

Continued up the A7, and stopped of at Langholm to have another walk, as the weather was definitely improving.

The Ewes Bridge, which we crossed.

Headed for a walk around the ruins of Langholm Castle.

Next stop on our journey was Hawick. The weather was definitely getting better as we took a good walk round the excellent Victoria Park.

The museum and war memorials.

Also a statue commemorating the Boer War.

Quite a busy place, Hawick. Has been developed quite a bit since I was last here. I stopped at Aldi, but I noticed there is now a Sainsbury's, an Iceland, and a Lidl. Metropolis of the Borders for sure!

Arrived at Melrose, and after settling in, took the dogs along the Tweed to Newstead, returning along the Borders Abbey Way. Took about 90 mins.

I think this is Harmony Gardens, which is a NTS place across the road from the Abbey.

Lovely drive up the A7, I was surprised how scenic this route is. Hopefully settled weather for a few days. It has been very mild today, probably around 11C.


  1. I'll be interested how you entertain yourself in an area you know so well and whether you go for repeating favourites or doing new stuff. That's a kind of personality test, come to think of it. The great rugby commentator, Bill McLaren, was from Hawick. He always had a bag of "Hawick Balls" sweeties with him during games. I always wondered if they were mints, boilings or something else. Maybe you'll find out? In terms of your photos, I was struck how tiny the Puck looked at the back of your car. It must be an optical illusion. Travel safely.


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