The Eildon

This is night No.5/2020 living in a caravan. This is the second night of this trip pitched at Melrose Gibson Park C&MC.

Started of the morning with an early walk along the Tweed, then after breakfast, we headed into Galashiels to walk on the north side of the Tweed. Not a great walk as it bordered a quiet road for a bit, so had to keep an eye on the dogs.

The main road into Gala crosses the Tweed above us.

Jumped back in the car, and headed into the Abbotsford House Estate, getting a great walk, again, along the banks of the Tweed.

A big boulder on the walk.

Crossed a minor road and took this path through some old Yews, part of the Borders Abbey Way. It was signed 'Scotts Walk'.

After lunch, decided to take a walk up into the Eildon Hills above Melrose. I've walked part of this route before when walking the St Cuthberts Way.

The muddy path climbs steeply out of Melrose.

Eildon Hill North.

A zoomed shot of two walkers heading up the same hill I was, but away in the distance.

After a fair old grunt, finally reached the summit of the higher hill, Eildon Mid Hill. What a view!

A panoramic shot from the top.

The summit trig point.

A zoomed shot of Melrose, roughly in the area of the caravan site.

Looking out over Melrose and Galashiels.

Looking south to the Cheviots.

Eildon Wester Hill to the south.

The top of Eildon Hill North.

Great days walking, in pretty reasonable conditions. It stayed dry all day, and the cloud did break at times.


  1. Nice reminder of the Eildons. As you know, I run them (almost) each year as part of the Jedburgh ultra. The first two climbs are indeed "grunts' but the third is a nice and smooth decline followed by a lovely meandering path into town. I suspect you did an A to B to A walk instead. I would really like to visit Abbotsford House. Sir Walter Scott had such a huge impact on modern Scottish culture and his personal life (including wealth) was shambolic. Keep enjoying the great Borders region.


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