Around Nairn

This is night No. 10/2020 living in the caravan. This is also night No.5 for me and the dogs at Nairn C&CC Site on the outskirts of Nairn, by Delnies Wood.

Slept fine, getting up about 0630. Took the dogs for a run around the woods, then after breakfast, we headed out the short drive around the back of the adjacent wood to a parking area I had spotted yesterday. A nice change of walk in the wood, which is surprisingly big for a forest enclosed by roads on all sides.

Continued from here to walk at the beach near Kingsteps, a walk I'd done before when I was staying on a farm on nearby Druim Heath. Unfortunately, the short road between there and Nairn was closed for 9 weeks (!), so took a detour, past Druim, arriving at an empty carpark for the beach. This is the westerly end of the gigantic Culbin Forest, but does have a stunning beach, which like all the beaches here, seems to go on forever.

A spaniel not enjoying his picture being taken.

The tide was almost fully out, with a few watery stretches to cross. A really incredible place.

We returned to the van just before lunch, and in the afternoon we headed down to the beach at Delnies. Funny old thing, empty again! The weather was lovely. Very mild and virtually no wind.

One of the two tankers tied up in the firth.

Dog prints and stones.

Found what looked like a fairly recent spent round on the beach. Possible this was used in a crime, locally? Who knows!

And we passed what must be the lowest trig point I've ever heard of. Just off the beach in a scrubby area. Definitely not on top of a hill!

It has been a very good stay here in Nairn. It is often said that Moray has it's own pleasant climate, and it's definitely been the case this week. It has been like Spring since I arrived and it's made the walking in this area fantastic. A lot of places visited, and a lot of miles covered, so far.


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