Howford to Cawdor

This is night No.8/2020 living in my caravan. It's our third night at Nairn C&CC Site just outside the town.

Slept well, and got up before 0700 to give the dogs an early morning run around the adjacent woods.

In preparation for going out, I took a few photos of the site to illustrate how much this place has lacked investment over the last few years.

This is the 'old' amenities block. The roof has collapsed, so it's been condemned as a toilet block, but still has the dishwashing (that open part), chemical disposal, and is a store for the bins. The site has only been open less than a week this year, and the 4 massive commercial bins are all full. They must have been stored here, stinking, since last October. For showers and toilets, there is a portacabin which is perfectly adequate but this building has been like this for probably 3 years?

The pitches are a combination of dirt, and dirt with some gravel. A lot of mud and moss.

This little hut is the laundry. Adequate, but very 'rustic'!

Although it's not stated, I reckon the lack of investment is the uncertainty of the Nairn Bypass, where the A96 will be routed round the town, probably right through this site? I draw this conclusion as there is a group on FB with the purpose of saving the adjacent woods from that fate.

I do like the location of this site, and I don't mind paying only £11 or so a night, but I wouldn't pay any more. I wouldn't be surprised if this site vanishes from the site network soon.

Headed back to Howford Bridge, where I'd visited yesterday. Today, I was to walk the dogs south west along the River Nairn to Cawdor.

I was a bit apprehensive in crossing this bridge, the army's 'finest' might be good at shooting, but I've worked with the 'Pongos' long enough to know they wouldn't be very good at bridge building!!

The recent flooding has washed away a lot of the bank, and the riverside path.

An absolutely brilliant route, taking about 1.5hrs to reach Cawdor. Very quiet, only met one person on the way out.

Done my bit for the local economy. A pint of milk, a bar of Galaxy, and a Smoked Sausage (it was £1) providing much needed refreshment.

A pair of sausage revitalised spaniels waiting to start more walking.

Returned to the car, the entire walk taking around 3hrs.

After lunch, headed into Culloden (the village, not the battlefield) to walk Culloden Forest, stopping at it's clootie well.

A short drive from there to one of Invernesses 4 Tesco's (!), and got this bargain. a 10yr old Single Malt at a knockdown £20! £10 (and a genuine £10) off! Bargain of the trip so far.


  1. Hamish would be proud of your retained military terminology. Not sure that I would stay at that site. Still, is a pity to lose something like that. Nice to see that Tesco is back on the day reports too.


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