This is night No.6/2020 living in my caravan. Now pitched up at Nairn C&CC Site at Delnies, just to the west of the town of Nairn.

Fine and uneventful drive from home. The Aberdeen by-pass makes a massive difference for folk travelling south up into Moray and beyond, absolutely no hassle at all and no busy sections. The only exception is maybe Elgin, which can get quite busy, but easy enough.

Left around 1300, arriving around 1600. The site is located next to the A96, and adjacent to Delnies Wood, a great forest for walking the dogs. A good selection of trails and paths.

After getting settled in, headed into Nairn to get some supplies and to give the dogs a run around. There are some great beaches which run along by Nairn.

The weather was lovely, and it was great to get a walk around 1800 without it getting dark!

Fine, litter and debris free beaches.

Watched some very impressive surf. Big rollers which would have been good for surfing, the waves breaking only 10mtrs from the sand.

Looking forward to a few days here. I've visited many times, but I don't think I've stayed here in a caravan? I checked my diary, and I can only see visits I've made with my camper vans over the years. This will be a great opportunity to get out in the car and explore the area.


  1. Looks nice weather, Iain. Seems like you've been lucky yet again. Hope you get time to spot dolphins and maybe even solve the famous doorstep shooting in the town. It Nairn is another example of those wee towns that, until the 70s, were crammed full during the summer and now has hotels, bars, shops, etc. that look as though their glory days are all in the past. I do hope you see signs of economic resurgence in some form or another.


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