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This is night No.13/2020 living in my caravan. It's the 3rd night at the CL at Geddes House near Nairn.

Another very warm day but now getting very clammy with the forecast thundery showers. A couple of light showers earlier, but nothing serious.

A lovely night last night with outstanding sunset.

After breakfast, we took the short drive to Nairn to walk around Delnies Wood. Been here many times before, it's adjacent to the Nairn C&CC Site just outside the town.

The walk passes the campsite, which has been shut for the remainder of 2020. This was the site where I visited in March days before the lockdown. Changed days indeed.

From here, headed along the A96 to Inverness to visit the Go Outdoors shop. All I needed was toilet chemicals, as I hadn't brought enough!

I had recently finished a book on Maj Gen Hector MacDonald, and I wanted to visit the memorial his friends put up for him near his old school at Mulbuie. This is close to where he was born and raised in Rootfield, which is between Conon Bridge and Muir of Ord.

A very impressive memorial, not as grand as the huge tower in Dingwall, but certainly an illustration of how he was viewed in this area.

This is the Rootfield area, where I parked next to the school.

On the return journey, drove through Muir of Ord, and into North Kessock to take a walk around and then up Ord Hill with it's old hill fort.

A great walk, but a sticky grunt up the hill due to the very warm weather. Someone loved it!


  1. As you write, you've been lucky with the storm-dodging so far but (never being one to miss a superstition) do realise this is your 13th night away! Batten down the hatches, Iain.


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