Finally back on the road.


This is night No. 11/2020 living in the caravan. Now pitched at a very nice CL, Geddes House, near Nairn in Moray.

Finally, and at long last, I am finally able to do a bit of touring again. The restrictions due to the Covid crisis were eased quite a bit a few weeks back, but the sites were stowed out by those who 'must be first' to get a holiday.

This is the first time I've stayed on a CL with a Puck, but I've planned to take my own toilet block with me on this trip, and it's very much a trial. I had literally just sold my Troll (in fact it went to a new home yesterday) and I had planned on using the Troll on this trip when I booked it.

So, we were hitched up and off around 1000. A lot less faffing around with a Puck, that's for sure.

Stopped to let the dogs have a good run at Bin Forest near Huntly. A regular stop on our trips north.
Arrived at the site about 1400. A fine setting in an old walled garden. Sweating like a pig, set up the sun canopy and the toilet/shower tent. It was about 28C, very warm.

The owner directed me to 2 fields adjacent to the site where I could let the dogs run off. They were recently mown pastures, with the hedges offering fine pheasant game!

Great site, and looking forward to a few days walking in the area.

Someone was finding it warm, and found a new use for the toilet tent...


  1. Good to read of your restarted trips. Reassuring too not to read of any immediate regrets on selling the Troll. Long may it continue.


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