Geddes House CL

 This is night No. 12/2020 living in my caravan. This is the second night at the CL at Geddes House near Nairn.

Its an absolutely stunning place. The CL is in a former walled garden, but the existing walled garden is adjacent to the site and last night we took a walk through it (you're made welcome to explore). There are greenhouses, ponds, and specimen trees.

This morning, we got up around 0600 and after breakfast, we headed to nearby Howford Bridge. I was here back in March and it has an excellent dog walk along the banks of the River Nairn. We walked into the town, and back again, taking around 90mins.

On the way back, took the opportunity to have a look at another nearby CL, this being at Allanaha Farm. A real stripped back, all year round,  no power site but looked great for £5 a night. Definitely one for the future.

After lunch, took a walk around the estate. The weather has again been very, very warm. Probably the mid 20's all day. Just as well I started the day with a proper breakfast!


  1. Surprising to see so many neighbouring vans and caravans. I always thought CLs were invariably small and quiet. Even with that number of customers it still looks very spicy. By the way, do you start every van day with a wee dram? The bottle of Ballantines next to your fried eggs would make your father drool.


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