Some Improvements to the Puck


I've owned a Puck before, in fact it was the first Eriba I had. I then progressed onto a Familia 320GT, and then a Troll 530GT, finally ending up sort of where I started, with another Puck.

The Familia and the Troll both had equipment that the Puck lacks. They both had washrooms, and they had heaters. The Familia and the Troll both had transverse beds, the Troll's being fixed.

There were a few modifications I'd done to my first Puck which I intend to do to this one.

I changed all the internal lights to LED, and also replaced the bulbs with LED on the awning light. I replaced the 'melted' original lens with a smart grey framed one from Hymer. The original lenses on the Puck were notorious for melting if you increased the wattage (or installed the wrong wattage) of the small halogen bulbs.

I then fashioned a shorter table from an old coffee table, and installed with a new wall hinge and table leg, meaning that I can still take the enormous original table on trips to use on the outside of the van if need be.

I also fitted a cracking plinth mounted fan heater in the more or less redundant space beneath the rear bench/seat. A dual heat and cold fan setting which draws air from within the storage space and the caravan interior. Only mains powered, but with 2 heat settings and really performs well. It is a short heater with plenty space around it under the seat.

In the picture above can be seen a fused and surge protected 4 way extension. The Puck only has 2 sockets and this arrangement was to avoid trailing and knotted cables.

I also fitted a 4 way fused extension at the front, under the overhead locker for use in the kitchen area. This is where a single, worktop mounted socket just doesn't do the job. This area has normally the kettle, a toasted, a small oven, and anything else needed to cook such as the Remoska.

I also included some decor for a wee bit of home comfort!


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