Storage ideas in a Puck.


One quirk of the Puck is that there is limited storage for most things. The plate and food lockers are tiny, the clothes wardrobe is short, and the remaining cabinets although generally adequate, do need a bit of careful planning, especially if you want to a) minimise faffing, and b) enjoy some comforts!

I initially wanted to find better storage for the bed poles and the TV aerial mounts. The bed poles normally rattle around under the seats, and the aerial poles just get stuffed under the rear bench. This is not good, as when I want to watch TV, its normally when I'm set up and probably have loads of stuff on the table. Getting to the two poles is like a solo game of 'Twister'!

The small area between the wardrobe and the outer door is one of the few areas in this Puck with free space. An ideal location to stash the poles and fix them whilst in transit. No more faffing trying to dig them out either.

I got a bag of PVC coated clips of an auction site. These were a perfect fit for both sets of poles, as they were all 25mm.

I secured the clips with small stainless steel self tappers, careful not to go all the way through the wood.

One pole had the ground spike which interfered with it mounting flush. This was remedied with a bit of cutting of the plastic.

The poles fit perfectly and feel snug and secure.

And they look not too bad in situ.

Next, I installed the clips for the bed poles. A lot less faffing when making the bed now, I hope.

And after checking, they are 'behind' the front of the cushion and are not noticed or felt at all when seated.

Lastly, a couple of cheap storage nets. I had these on a previous camper van where storage was at a premium and they were great for loose and light items. One on the side of the fridge/hob and one on the rear wall. I have a splash guard on the hob to protect the seating area, so that storage net should be fine.


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