This is night 22/2020 living in my caravan, and it's the third night at Fairgirth Farm near Dalbeattie.

Yet another beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky this afternoon and very warm

After breakfast, headed 5 mins along the road just beyond Covend to walk through Mark Hill forest, a FC wood. Really pleasant circular walk.

After the walk, took the 50min drive east to Annan to visit the Annandale Distillery. What a lovely place.

I was really after their blended whisky, 'Nation of Scots' which received top scores in the whisky Bible. I was not disappointed. The distillery has a small shop and I got some. I was offered a dram, but I had to decline as I was driving!

The distillery is just on the outskirts of Annan, so took the dogs a walk along the River Annan.

Returned to the van via Dumfries and the coast road for some lunch.

The weather is lovely so I'm not leaving the site again today. The dogs weren't bothered by that!


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