Another Day on the Farm

This is night number 15/2020 living in my caravan, and it's the third night at Allanaha Farm near Cawdor.

It was a windy and wet overnight, but when I got up around 0630 it was already starting to clear.

One of the gas bottles ran dry last night, so I was on a bit of a mission to find one in Inverness. Being Campingaz, it's not as easy to come by compared to Calor. My first stop was the C&MC site at Culloden Moor, but they don't sell gas. All the bottles they had were empties? Took the opportunity for an hour round Culloden woods.

Checked online, and Tiso do the gas, so first stopped in at Millets for a peg extractor for the awning, then Poundland for some odds and ends, then Harbro for dog food, finally getting the gas in Tiso for a rather eye watering £35!! For 2.75kg!

On the return, stopped at Balloch community woodland.

After lunch, headed 5 mins along to Howford Bridge and walked from there into Nairn and back. A really nice 90min walk along the Riverside.

The weather looks great again until after the weekend, so tonight I'll be planning where to go next.


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