Around Cawdor and Nairn

 This is night No.15/2020 living in the caravan and its the second night at Allanaha Farm, a CL between Cawdor and Nairn.

Got up around 0630 to another lovely day. Mild, sunny, and light breeze.

After a quick walk for the dogs around the site, treated myself to a couple of egg rolls. Braw!

After breakfast, took the short 5 minute drive into Cawdor to walk along the banks All Dearg and the River Nairn. Cawdor is a nice little village.

Great walking along a very picturesque river, first the Allt Dearg then along the River Nairn.

Returned to the van for lunch, then headed 5 mins in the Grantown direction to walk in Laiken Forest. A nice big, old forest.

On the return, just popped into Nairn and had a short walk along the seafront near the bandstand.

On the return to the van in the afternoon, I got the chance to use my new 'toaster'. As I have no power on this site, and are reliant on gas and 12v solar power, a 240V toaster is not an option. I could have got a large inverter, but they are simply too inefficient and a bit dodgy in a van.

I don't have a loaf, but I have a pack of butteries. The toaster done a great job!

Quite an unusual view from the van. This really is a farm CL!


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