Fairgirth Farm

This is night no20/2020 living in the caravan. Now pitched at a farm CL near Dalbeattie, Fairgirth Farm.

Arose to some great weather, again. A sensational sunrise.

After breakfast, headed for a walk at Kirkonnel Flow, a nature reserve near New Abbey, about 7 miles away. It's a area of raised moss

We left John Paul Jones museum around 12 for the 20 min drive to this farm. I arrived, paid the dues, and was fortunate to discover I was the only one here! A small campervan did arrive a bit later though, but there is tons of space.

After setup, took the dogs into the adjacent forest. I won't probably use this on this trip again, as I noticed tonight that the field we crossed does have a lot of cattle.
Afterwards, put up the air awning.

It is still very warm tonight, so a bit of dehydration is required! 


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