This is night No.25/2020 living in the caravan. This is our second night at the River Breamish C&MC Site near Powburn in Northumberland.

It was a very cold night last night, but woke to really good weather. Took the dogs a circular walk round the nearby Nature Reserve, then into the village of Branton.

Continued onto the footbridge across the river to Brandon (there's a Branton, Brandon, and Branxton round here).

Across the bridge, there is now a new CL. Looked really good, and a great location.

After lunch, I headed north to visit the site of the Battle of Flodden, where James IV of Scotland died on the field. A very impressive place and excellent boards describing the scene of the battle.

Looking up to Branxton Hill where the Scots thought they had the advantage, but the lower ground between the hills in front of them was too boggy to make decent progress across.

The nearby village of Branxton from the monument.

On the drive back, stopped just south of Milfield to visit the Maelmin Heritage Trail. A good circular walk through a wood and a meadow. The dogs got a good blast here!

There was a recreation of what was called a 'Dark House'. A bit like a thatched wooden garage, and about the same size.


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