Nairn and Cawdor

This is night no 17/2020 living in my caravan, and it's my 4th night at Allanaha Farm cl, near Cawdor.

The beauty of being here at this time of year is the direct access to the fields round about which are all in stubble. Great for a quick and easy walk.

After breakfast, took the short drive to the beach at Delnies, sometimes referred to as the secret beach.

A fantastic place to walk. There were some strange looking shipping out in the firth including a massive boat carrying oil rig legs.

Returned to the van to do some reading and get some lunch. Again, a blast around the field.

In the afternoon, headed the short drive into Cawdor, a lovely village.
And went for a fine walk up the banks of the Cawdor Burn and the River Nairn.

The walk ends at the Millennium Bridge across the River Nairn.
Another day of great walks. The weather has been good but occasionally blustery with showers driving in from the west. A good day.


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