On the Solway Coast

This is night no19/2020 living in the caravan and our second night at the John Paul Jones museum near Kirkbean.

Got up just before sunrise, walked down to the beach and saw this.

Headed back to the van for breakfast then we went on a circular walk to Carsethorn, returning by the shore. Took about 3 hrs.

Carsethorn is a lovely wee village with a great looking pub.
Some great houses overlooking the sea, including the House on The Shore, a real big pile.
Seen a huge number of oystercatcher.
Some incredible geology too. The bedrock pitched at 45 degrees, and amazing caves.

After lunch, headed into Dumfries to fuel up and get a new plug for the sink, which I found in homebase. On the way back, had a quick walk around Shembelle House near New Abbey.

Stopped at the New Abbey and bought some local honey. Then, a well earned dinner of veg and tortellini.


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