Six inches longer in bed

There are a number of quirks in the Eriba Puck, and one which always amazed me was why in the later models a tiny 'tablette' was added under the rear window. The edge also holds the mounting hinge for the table.

Not only does this restrict the bed by 6", the hinge is notorious for banging your head when getting out of the bed.

Apparently, this shelf was considered a design flaw by Eriba, and it just never made sense.

So, took my 5 mins to remove the shelf and bracket. I'll keep this in case I ever want to return the van to it's original state.

When I made a new shorter table, I still had the hinge section left which I drilled and attached to the van wall.

Works perfect! And the table looks good. 

All that remains is to try it out on my next trip!


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