Around Melrose and Abbotsford


This is night No.34/2020 living in the caravan. This is our fourth and final night at Melrose Gibson Park C&MC Site in Melrose.

A dry night, and another dry day. In fact, it was quite mild with just a gentle breeze. Took the dogs around Melrose Church.

After breakfast, we headed back to Maxton, where we walked yesterday. Parked at the same place next to Maxton Kirk, and followed a path east which follows field edges above the Tweed.

Really good, enjoyable walk in ideal spaniel country.

After the walk, headed into Kelso to see the ruins of Roxburgh Castle. First we stopped at the River Tweed as it enters Kelso. Watched a fly fisherman for a while. His oarsman was putting in maximum paddling but was getting nowhere in the strong currents!

Headed back along the Maxton road, and pulled into a lay-by next to Roxburgh Castle ruins. This castle is probably the most pivotal in Scotlands history and has an incredibly long story. Very little of it remains, and it's not in the NTS or Historic Scotland. It's on the Floors Castle estate.

The castle sits right where the Rivers Teviot and Tweed meet.

The castle was located on a high hilly bit of ground.

Some very old trees amongst the rough remains.

Returning to the car, an impressive view of the huge Floors Castle, the house of the Duke of Roxburgh.

After lunch in the van, we headed up to Abbotsford, the former house of Sir Walter Scott. A great route I'd never walked on the banks of the River Tweed, yet again.

A nice wee settlement on the other side of the river. There was a table of fisherman sitting outside.

Our final walk was next to Ancrum Bridge, about 15mins from the site. I had wanted to visit Ancrum Moor, where a battle was held in 1545. A gap in the bridge allows access to a fine walk around a stubble field by the River Teviot.


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