Around the Tweed


This is night No32/2020 living in the caravan. This is the second night at Melrose Gibson Park C&MC in Melrose in the Scottish Borders.

The weather has improved quite a bit today. Only a couple of light showers and a very pleasant day.

First walk today was from near the bridge to Gattonside. It's is another walk along the south bank of the River Tweed, returning alongside the new Borders Rail line.

Some fine old trees on the path.

The old railway bridge which is now back in full action.

We climber up by the side of the bridge onto a track which runs parallel with the railway all the way back to the start of the walk.

After lunch, headed 5 mins along the road to Leaderfoot to walk along the Leader Water Walk. It is a lottery funded path which was opened in 2010. 

First stopped and looked at the very old bridge which crosses the Tweed, but is now just a pedestrian crossing.

The Leader Water path leads 3 miles to Earlston, but we cut of half way along to do a circular route to St Andrews, now a care home.

After dinner, our evening walk was a stroll down to the Tweed past the Chain Bridge.

Since I was last hear, the old cottage by the bridge is now empty. This used to be a hive of activity, a equestrian centre and a motorcycle training school, but now all gone and the fields a bit overgrown.

The view over the Abbey to the Eildon Hills.

And we passed the Abbey on the walk through the town back to the site.


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