Berwick upon Tweed

This is night no 28/2020 living in my caravan. Now pitched at Berwick Seaview C&MC site in Spittal, near Berwick upon Tweed.

I arrived just after 1300, and due to the covid situation, I had to wait my turn as it was 1 person at a time. Unfortunately, the old woman in front of my was one of these gibbers and I was held up quite a bit whilst I waited for her to finish and disappear! However, it was all worth it. I collected a lot of discount vouchers during lockdown, and coupled with the vat reduction, my charge for 3 nights came to 18p!! Yes, eighteen pence!!!

After setting up, took the dogs down to the beach at Spittal. This is where the River Tweed enters the sea. A very historic area which was famously a favourite of Lowry, was at one time very industrious, and also for herring. 

A nice view over to the historic town of Berwick.

The walk on the beach leads to a 'spit' of land jutting into the sea.

The site itself overlooks the Tweed but over the roofs of nearby housing. The area is a bit depressed, but still not a bad view


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