This is night No 31/2020 living in the caravan. We're now pitched at the Melrose Gibson Park C&MC Site in Melrose. 

Been here many times before, and it's a place I'm really fond of. Melrose is a lovely town and everything is literally on the doorstep. A Co-op, shops, great walking, all from the site.

The only thing that spooked me a bit was a bit of 'Nemesis' moment. I have only ever left one negative review of  site, that being Lower Wensleydale in Yorkshire. I then encountered the same warden in Old Hartley near Blyth, and you'll never guess who the warden is here!

The rain yesterday was quite unreal. It battered on the van roof all night, but when I got up around 0630, it was a dry, clearing morning. After breakfast, we headed out to Berwick Pier and the beach north of there. What a difference from yesterday. 

The drive to Melrose from Berwick took around an hour. Got a nice 'hedged in' pitch.

After setting up, it was off to Galashiels to use one of the excellent Revolution Laundrettes. These facilities are a godsend to folk touring. Washing detergent is included, which smells really good, and the whole thing from start to dry clothes takes 50mins.

After our return, took the dogs down by the Tweed. It was definitely in spate.

After a dinner, took the dogs on a circular walk around Melrose. The butcher shop window has a display showing how it features in a JK Rowling book, shortly to be turned into a movie.

The same butcher had a visit from no other than the Big Yin and George Best!

Melrose is certainly a fine wee town.

A shot of the site from our walk near the old railway line.

Some nice pictures for sale in one of the many small shops in town.

And a look up the main street. How a high street should look in any town.


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