Rainy Berwick


This is night No 30/2020 living in my caravan. This is our third and final night at Berwick Seaview C&MC Site, near Berwick upon Tweed.

What a wet day! Got up around 0630, and took the dogs down to the beach and we all got drenched. It's been a day of getting soaked, drying the kit and the dogs, then repeat. Good walking though, and I'm quick learning that a pair of waterproof trousers are a 'must' when caravanning in the wet. Makes a huge difference having dry legs.

Last night, however, was really quite fine and still. Took the dogs along the waterfront past the RNLI hut and the old docks. Allows for a nice view of historic Berwick.

So, after getting dried and having some breakfast, we headed back down to the Chain Bridge to walk a slightly different route along the Tweed. The tree covering helped with the rain.

This is a picture from England of a far better and lush looking Scotland!

Walked back to the bridge to see if any work had been started, but it wasn't obvious. The bridge will be shut for over a year. That's a big detour for anyone who regularly uses it.

The parapet on one side actually used to house a family in the Toll House.

Toll house in Union Chain Bridge, c 1900

Returned to the van after a quick look around the village of Norham to dry the kit, read, and get some lunch.

In the afternoon, I was keen to keep the dogs busy, so again, on with the waterproofs and a short drive to Cocklawburn Beach. I thought I hadn't been here before, but as soon as I arrived I had!

This was really wet. A strong wind and driving rain made the walk out bad enough, but the return was face into the deluge.

I would not recommend the Newcastle to Rotterdam ferry tonight. The sea was really rough.

Interesting beach though. The geology was quite fascinating with these 'pavements' of rock. Definitely sedimentary as there were loads of shells and what looked like fossils on the surface.

I did actually spot two blokes 'stealing' rock and carrying it back to their car!


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