St Cuthberts Way


This is night No.33/2020 living in the caravan. It's also the third night at Melrose Gibson Park C&MC Site in Melrose.

It rained heavily overnight, but was cleared when we went out for a quick walk around 0630. The day improved a lot, and it was nice and bright in the afternoon.

First walk was down to Gattonside bridge, along the Tweed, and returning in a circular route alongside the Borders Railway.

These seats on the platform just some up for me how mad this pandemic has got, and some of the ridiculous controls in place. Combined with the H&S rules of the railway network, this is just dumb.

Returned to the van for lunch, then headed to the nearby village of Maxton. I've been here before when I walked St Cuthberts way, so it was a good opportunity to retrace some steps.

The very historic Maxton Kirk. There's been a church here since the 1200's and they are all dedicated to St Cuthbert.

The wall and hedge of the next door Glebe House.

Then onto St Cuthberts way.

The church was locked, but took a shot through the window of the stunning stained glass.

After dinner, walked from the site along Tweed to Newstead, the oldest village in Scotland, and returned along the Borders Abbey Way past the fine Melrose Abbey.


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