End of Touring 2020


Sadly, its the end of my touring for 2020. Probably a little bit earlier than I'd planned but the current restrictions and the controls put in place for coronavirus by sites just make this inevitable.

i'd hoped to do a winter trip, but it's just not going to happen.

However, i have a few big plans for the van over winter including re-upholstery, new curtains, and maybe a new pop top canvas.

The preparations for storage were quite involved.

Emptied the van, took out all the seating and the curtains. Also a good clean and hoovering!

Finally, gave the van a good wash before putting it in a rather large garage.

Just checking back on my records, it's not really an early 'hibernation'. Last year, I put the cover on my Troll on 17/11/19, and the year before I put my Familia under cover on 15/11/18.


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