Around Kintail


This is night No 5/2021 living in my caravan and it's my 5th and final night in Morvich C&MC in Kintail in the Scottish Highlands.

I should really have been making my way home today, but I really wanted just one more day in this area. Fortunately, there was a pitch available. From Saturday onward, the site looks like is booked out. Strange really, as the independent sites I've passed locally look open, but empty? Possibly the easier booking system with the C&MC? Possibly marketing?

Woke to another fine morning. Headed down to the river with the dogs around 0645.

Spot the deer!

After breakfast, we headed up for a walk around the forest above Inverinate. Saw a large blue beetle. Was probably around 25mm long.

Next, headed up to Mam Ratagan for some pictures of the Five Sisters.

We then went for a walk on the forest tracks below Mam Ratagan, and then headed to nearby Ard Hill. Got soaked here in the heavy showers.

I'm sure this must be a fish farm tender on Loch Alsh.

A short video showing where I've been.


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