This is night number 3/2021 living in the caravan. It's also our 3rd night at Morvich C&MC Site in Kintail in the Highlands.

Woke to a settled, bright morning and took the dogs along the river next to the site. Spotted what I think was a pair of Common Merganser?

After breakfast, had a surprisingly good shower in the awning! I used my Geyser hot water setup, which performed great. No need to recycle the water through the heater as straight from cold gave a good hot shower.

I've met up with my friend at Morvich (who also has a Puck) and we had a good night of natter and drams last night and we chatted this morning about walk option. We agreed on Sandaig Islands, the fictional Camusfearna in Gavin Maxwells books on otters including The Ring of Bright Water.

As I turned at Shiel Bridge, I had to slow for a herd of Feral Goat. They are common in this area.

Headed over Mam Ratagan, through Glenelg and parked up near the start of the walk on the Arnisdale Road.

Walked past the cottage owned by the late Terry Nutkins who was employed by Maxwell as a youngster and settled here in later life.

The walk was great and the views tremendous as we descended through the cleared forest.

The tide was out and the beach was great in this fine weather.

One of the Collies went for an extended chase of some Oystercatchers followed by a swim to one of the other islands in this group.

To return, we followed the burn up its steep banks. A collie again posing for a picture!

On the return journey, stopped to get some views as it started to cloud over. Can just see Blaven in the distance through Glen Arch

And the huge bulk of Being Sgritheall above Arnisdale, a distant Munro at the road end.

The village of Glenelg.

Looking north up the Sound of Sleat towards Kyle Rhea.

This walk was on my post-lockdown wish list, and I was not disappointed. It was fantastic in excellent weather.

Here's a short video of the beach.


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