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This is night No.15/2021 living in the caravan. We're now here in Garlieston C&MC Site for our third night.

Woke up to a really nice morning. A little misty, but the sun was definitely starting to burn it back and the day developed into an absolute cracker with blue skies and sun! Took the dogs round the beach adjacent to the site, and after breakfast we headed to another walk in the Kilsture Forest.

It was a fantastic walk, and the dogs loved it. They always enjoy a new forest walk.

I wanted to make the most of the fine weather, so we headed into Newton Stewart, then up the New Galloway road to stop and go up the hill to Murray's Monument. Ive been here before, and it's well worth the effort up the steep path to the top.

The monument is like a tall spire, erected in 1835 to commemorate a local shepherd boy who went on to become a Professor in Oriental Languages at Edinburgh University.

It is a fantastic structure on an incredible viewpoint.

Returned to the car, and stopped 2 mins along the road to have a quick look at the Grey Mares Tail waterfall.

Headed back towards Newton Stewart and stopped at the viewpoint at what's known as the 'Glen of the Bar'. It has a suspended deck where you can get a nice picture. Unfortunately, the padlock clowns had been here. A completely pointless and selfish act and just attracts even more idiots to do the same. This thing will either be removed or will collapse if this sort of nonsense continues. Does my nut!

Nice view up the Glen though, once you ignore all the stupid locks.

In the afternoon, we took the short drive to Whithorn, a fine little village, to have a wander round the Priory.

An absolutely stunning place to visit, and although ruins, these are well preserved.

Then at the back of the Priory is a way marked route, The Whithorn Way, which we walked a small part of to let the dogs have a run around. This is a long route from Glasgow to the Isle of Whithorn. Looks a great route, more of a Pilgrimage.

Whithorn is a lovely place for a wander. Lovely old houses, very traditional shops (the grocery staff all wear blue dustcarts) and a fine location.


  1. Presume (and hope) the local staff wear dustcoats rather than dustcarts! That would be really unfair!


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