Last night in Kinlochewe

This is night No.12/2021 living in my caravan. It's our 4th and final night of our visit to Kinlochewe and  the last night on this 7 night jaunt.

It has been a great trip despite the mixed weather. Today, for example, we got up to heavy showers, then light rain, then heavy showers and all of a sudden around 1500, it turned lovely! I also discovered a number of very quiet and nice dog friendly walks with no issue around sheep or estates or whatever.

First 'damp' walk of the day was in a forest just outside Kinlochewe on the main Glen Docherty road. A small area to park (I was the only car) and a pedestrian gate led to a big spruce forest. Privately owned, but offered great walking for the dogs.

After the walk, headed into the village to pick up a couple of treats for later. Some oatcakes and half a dozen eggs. When I got back to the van, I noticed that the oatcakes were over a month out of date. I always try and support the local economy of where I'm visiting, but this shop is understocked, overpriced, smelly, manky, and run by an English couple (who have been there for years) who are not very friendly at all. Thats the last time I'll be in there!

Then headed up the road in the direction of Torridon, stopping at a forestry road heading up into a forest restoration project/hydro scheme. There's always a hydro scheme being developed up these parts, small scale.

Crossed a bridge over A'Ghairbhe, the river running up the Glen.

Some lovely old Pines.

It was quite an experience walking through this forest. Very fragrant and some outstanding old pine trees.

As we gained height on an incredibly steep vehicle track, the views opened up to Beinn Eighe.

And the Torridon Mountains.

The huge Liathach just emerging from cloud.

In the afternoon, took a drive into Gairloch to buy some beef to make a casserole for my last night! It was outstanding. Also used the dry and fine evening to take down the awning as it is forecast to rain tomorrow. 

A great days walking yet again.


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