Second night at Nairn


This is night No.7/2021 living in my caravan. This is our second night at Nairn C&CC Site, on the outskirts of Nairn at Delnies Wood.

Before breakfast, I gave the dogs a run around the adjacent woods. It was very grey and wet, and although it improved a little as the day wore on, it was still showery and some were very heavy.

First big walk of the day was the riverside walk from Howford Bridge to Nairn along the River Nairn. I've walked this fine trail many times. There is a slightly longer walk from here, where taking the same trail westward leads to Cawdor.

The path leads into the town where there is a circular route on both sides of the river.

It was a wet walk!

After lunch, we headed in the direction of Ardesier and parked up at Carse Wood. Even though its a 5 min drive from the site, I have never walked here.

A very large forest, with very dark barked Pine Trees. Almost like trees around whisky bonds.

There were lots of crossing tracks and paths, and I followed the OS Map to get a good circular walk.

A really unusual forest to me. Pine, lots of heather, and a very sandy soil. Great for walking.

Another walk around Delnies Wood after dinner brought todays wanderings to a conclusion. Weather looking a bit better for tomorrow, hope so, as I want to get down to the beach!


  1. That's a pretty tame day and commentary by your standards, Iain. Perhaps the dreaded lurgie in Moray just now is restraining you? Time to move on, I think.


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