Benderloch, Cuil, and Appin


This is night No.24/2021 living in my caravan. It's also our 3rd night at the Oban C&CC Site near Benderloch in Argyll.

Slept well, and arose around 0600. The rain was belting down on the van, and a look outside confirmed it had been raining for some time, and the midge situation was dreadful! When I fitted the new roof canvas, I was supplied with nets, but obviously they've never heard of midges where this was made as the mesh wasn't fine enough, and the van had a lot of midges inside. Sorted that by taking the dogs around the woods and the last thing I done before I left was cover any food surfaces, and gave a few blasts of fly killer. Done the trick perfectly although I now have a carpet of dead midges on the window surrounds!

With the rain fairly relentless, I decided our mid morning walk would be a long loop from the site up to the reservoir. Very misty and wet, but it was a good walk.

I always find these places a bit scary. This reservoir has a massive sink/drain type concrete structure just offshore.

After lunch, I quite fancied a trip to Cuil, where I'd never visited. It is near Duror, between here and Ballachulish. Great views down Loch Linnhe towards the Eillean Balnagowan.

It has a nice shingle and sand beach.

However, as usual, an idyllic spot and bay are ruined by the Traveller community. Usual caravans, transit vans, junk and crap, and this shower even had a canvas tent. They turn a lovely place into an absolute 'pig sty'. I feel sorry for the locals when this miserable convoy passes their doors on the narrow road leading here. The bay is privately owned, and there were attempts by the owner to dissuade this crowd by notifying that overnight camping will be charged at £10, and that the beach isn't a toilet. 

Didn't really want hang about here, as the Travellers had occupied most of the available parking spaces. A shame, as there are some nice views.

From Cuil, headed north to walk to Leitir Mor, where the 'Red Fox' of Appin was murdered in 1752.

It's marked by a fine cairn.

And a nice forest walk.

The location forms part of a trail which takes visitors to other significant locations in the story.

Walking back to the car, passed this new build. Another planning policy disaster, nothing like other houses around it, novel materials (wood with tin roof), and in a historic area?

On the return back to the site, stopped for a longer walk around the Appin Peninsula. I visited this wood often in 2019 when it had recently been cleared. The planted trees are growing well!

A shooters hide? Or climbing frame, Highland style...

Great views down a distant Loch Creran.

Good opportunity for a drone shot!


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